How Many Calories Does Kiwi Have?

How Many Calories Does Kiwi Have?

Many of us are dedicated to making detailed counts of the exact amounts of calories consumed and burned. It cannot be avoided, when we perform a strict diet, we are there to comply with it. And when we stumble upon exotic (but healthy) fruits like kiwi, we can't help but think of this kind of thing. How many calories does kiwi have?

Green-fleshed Kiwi has 61 calories/100 grams

The most common kiwi that we can find in practically any market or supermarket is the green pulp. The classic, of a lifetime. The exact calories are 61 per 100 grams of fruit.

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The Kiwi SunGold or Yellow Kiwi has 57 calories/100 grams

SunGold Kiwi is less common, it's true, but it has the nutritional advantage of having fewer calories than green. It depends on how strict we are with our diet, this kiwi suits us better than the green, but it already depends on our personal taste.

The calories of a large Kiwi, greater than 100 grams, are usually around 60-70 kcal, although we would have to make the calaclulo according to the previous data.

Avoiding a high calorie intake without going hungry or sacrificing delicious meals is one of the firstreasons for which we do not take care of ourselves. Yes, it's complicated, no doubt. But that's what we have kiwis for, to make our lives easier, and meals.

Did you know that you have dozens of recipes with kiwi to try, completely healthy and low in kcal?

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