All the benefits of the Kiwi - Everything you need to know

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We love Kiwi, also known as Actinidia Deliciosa, and there's a reason for that. Not just for its unique taste or the unique way we eat it; but for the many benefits it has as well.

🥇 Kiwi Properties
Nutritional V. 4.7 / 5.0
💧 Water 83%
👁️‍🗨️ Calories 61 kcal / 100 gr.
🅰️ Fruit Type Berry
⚖️Non Cytric Fruit
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UV Protection

Consuming Kiwi can be beneficial to people sensitive to the sun's rays, even if their sunscreen does not protect well. It all goes back to Lutena, which contains amino acids that form a natural barrier to damage to the skin. Good!


Fight Against Anemia

The Vitamin C in the fruit helps the body produce extra red blood cells, which is beneficial in battling anemia. Furthermore, it increases the dietary absorption of iron, which in turn increases the rate of patient recovery.

Improving the Immunization System

In addition to helping with the production of red blood cells to handle anemia, it also helps with the production of white blood cells and antibodies as well. Creaming an additional barrier for many types of virus illnesses.

Reduce Constipation

The kiwi and the kiwi fruit contain soluble fiber in high doses, making it a good aid for intestinal health. It is our best friend during times of stress, with an additional benefit if we consume it over breakfast.

Help you Lose Weight

Incorporating Kiwis's water content to a moderate calorie level will help us lose weight, staying slim all day long.

Liquid Retention

For women with water retention issues, such as pregnant women, kiwi juice can help the body move excess water. It's a diuretic food.

Stress and Nervousness

We must persist. Thanks to the Vitamin C levels of the Kiwi, it can help prevent anxiety and nervous breakdowns, and in general could help a great deal when we are stressed.

Benefits to Skin

To conclude, but not least, Kiwi also provides benefits to our skin. There are even cosmetics made with Kiwi, since their properties serve as a rejuvenating agent.

Our cells are regenerated, as are cicatrixes, arrugas, bumps, and hairline scars. There are also skin care products made with Kiwi that make our hair healthier and smoother, without having to wax it.

kiwi benefits

Is it good to eat Kiwi? Can everyone eat it? What benefits does it have?

The fruit is very beneficial, but not everyone can consume it. Some people develop an allergic reaction to the enzyme Proteoltica Actidina, found in the Kiwi. These people should not be eating either the Pia or Papaya, nor Kiwi.

Kiwi should not be consumed by people prone to kidney stones. This is due to the high levels of potassium in the fruit. We recommend you not consume Kiwi if you suffer from renal impairment. It may cause nausea or vomiting.

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