When to collect kiwis?

cuándo recolectar kiwis

Those of us who have experience in the Kiwi planting know the difficulty of knowing when to harvest kiwis. Dates can be misleading, depending on the type, variety, and even geographic location. When should I collect kiwis?

Many factors can throw the balance out of balance and alter these collection dates. From a drought that matures them before their time (but losing their flavor), to a very premature cultivation, preventing once again, the fruit from getting that characteristic flavor that we like so much.

The best thing for us and for the plant is to harvest the kiwi when its sugar reaches the perfect level. This, of course, ignoring what type of kiwi variety it is, it is indifferent. We will know when to harvest kiwis if we can see that the seeds are black.

Know the Development of the Kiwi

As we should already know, kiwis reach their perfect size during the summer, but nevertheless the ripening does not end until the end of March.

Some people pick them ripe, and others prefer to pick them just before ripening is reached.

In case of harvesting them ahead of time, it is advisable to refrigerate them as soon as possible so that they finish maturing.

Storing Kiwis after Harvesting

Knowing when to pick kiwis is the first part. Kiwis that have matured on the plantations achieve a better sweetness, but it is not easy to store them.

If we harvest the kiwis in their green or unripe state, refrigerating them in ventilated plastic bags is the best way to achieve their best consistency, for approximately two months. Afterwards, keep them at room temperature to finish their maturation.

When to harvest crisp kiwis?

In case of harvesting the kiwis when their skin turns red, we must keep them in the same way, but for six months. We must remember that crisp kiwis are larger and ripen later.


Remember that kiwi dents very easily, so we must collect them carefully. In case any of our kiwis are damaged, they will not be stored properly until they reach their point of maturity.

Once collected, we must cool them as soon as possible, and at the coldest possible temperature (without reaching the freezing point). Always keep harvested kiwis away from other ripening fruits if you are growing different types of fruit.

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